Nick Weston

Founding Principal

Nick has 27+ years in the law, 6 years experience as CEO of a listed public company with international operations and 8 years in investment banking and M&A as a principal, closing deals. Not many lawyers, if any, can say that. He has helped many clients create generational wealth for them and their families by thinking long-term, building the foundation and ensuring the business owners are ready for the journey. He also enjoys helping people to get out of bad situations (after having acted for banks early in his legal career). Nick handles M&A transactions, commercial and franchise agreements, trade marks (he is a registered Trade Marks Attorney), domain names (he is a WIPO Domain Name Panelist), IP licensing, negotiation, representing buyers, sellers and business owners with a focus on technology companies and businesses enabled by tech. He has a deep understanding of the process by which parties assess and proceed on a transaction.

Where enforcement is required, he conducts a broad range of litigation matters in the Federal Court, all Victorian Courts and other State Supreme Courts. He is a WIPO Domain Name Panelist, has a qualification from MIT in artificial intelligence and has been published in a number of legal journals, including the Australian Intellectual Property Law Journal, Intellectual Property Law Bulletin and acted for the successful plaintiffs in Mond v Berger (2004) 10 VR 534; [2004] VSC 45, a seminal reported decision on bias and misconduct.

Nick is recognised for integrating pragmatic business experience with IP law: “Clients noted the thoroughness of the firm’s paperwork and attention to detail” – Managing Intellectual Property Magazine’s Managing IP Handbook. He is also recommended for ‘Trade Mark Prosecution’ ‘Trade Mark Contentious’ – Managing Intellectual Property Magazine’s World Survey.

Tailored fee

Fee arrangements that reflect an alignment of interests

We can easily modify our remuneration arrangements to suit the client or case, so that our clients have greater certainty over the potential financial outcomes of their matters.

Legal work often involves third parties over whom a law firm has no direct control, so for that reason, we use cutting edge project management to scope, onboard and manage the engagement. Hourly rates or fixed fees are not always feasible as a pricing arrangement: hourly rates do not always reflect vital work done efficiently or the hundreds of hours that have gone into a battle-tested precedent document and they can reward inefficiency. We instead apply a tailored, disciplined approach to budgeting and work-plan development, and commit to actively monitoring and managing each matter using transparent and open financial reporting.

Our fees are reasonable because we are a focused, experienced, efficient niche firm without the overheads that burden our competitors. We also think that having skin-in-the-game and aligning our interests is a sensible foundation for a lasting lawyer-client relationship.

Depending on what you consider a successful outcome of your matter, your priorities, both overall and for the matter, the key risks and opportunities and your specific pricing parameters, our value conversation during client onboarding will typically involve a frank and detailed discussion of pricing options including:

  • Fixed fees/Flat fees
  • Virtual General Counsel Engagement Agreements
  • Volume Discounts
  • Blended Hourly Rates
  • Capped fees (hourly rates not to exceed a set amount)
  • Collar fees (sharing of “savings” or “overages” should actual fees deviate from estimate)
  • Cap and Collar arrangements
  • Contingency fees or Uplift fees
  • Success or Performance Bonuses

We aim to ensure that our fee or value-based pricing arrangement reflects our clients’ goals and business objectives.

We are very open to discuss your specific requirements.

What our clients
are saying

Semantia is a software technology company based in Melbourne and has had a long-standing relationship with Nicholas Weston. We work closely with Nick on matters of intellectual property protection.

When a major Australian telecommunications company sought to partner with us and presented us with a one-sided Agreement, we consulted Nick.

Nick reviewed the agreement and suggested amendments that were in the interest of all parties and ensured protection of our company’s intellectual property. Crucially, his suggestions provided all parties protection from the impact of user-generated content.

Nick’s suggestions were accepted and incorporated into the Master Agreement and we were able to sign off confident that neither company would be disadvantaged.

Luce Chandon CEO of Semantia PTY. LTD.

I have been Managing Director of three Victorian registered businesses over the past 25 years:

• Lyburne Pty Ltd (current)
• EMQ Pty Ltd
• Dynamiq Strategy Pty Ltd

My company accountant initially recommended Nick nearly 20 years ago when I was looking for some legal advice on business ownership structure.

Since then Nick has been assisting all three businesses I have run providing legal advice, assistance and representation.

Over the time of our relationship Nick has helped us in the following areas: Establishment of business ownership deeds, Trademark registration including subsequent legal challenge of breach by another organisation, Debt collection, Contractor/Client contract development, Contract reviews, Contractual disputes, Negotiations with purchaser’s lawyers during business sales, Advice on employment law, Legal challenges to contractual breaches, Review and advice of settlement deeds.

As a business owner I am acutely aware there is a constant need to have access to prompt and sensible legal support.

Nick has provided the security and confidence to allow me to focus on building and running my core business activities without being distracted unduly with legal matters.

Nick is easy to talk to, supportive and concise in his advice, knows when to ask the hard questions and is without a doubt better to have on my side than theirs!!

Gary Rigby Managing Director of three companies

Nick is a man who deals in facts – he listens intently, assesses promptly and presents options in plain English before awaiting instruction. He’s got an excellent way with words and is able to apply the right amount of pressure at the right time. He was completely transparent in outlining the strengths and weaknesses of my case and was able to negotiate a favourable settlement for my company very quickly. He’s a straight talker, a strong communicator, and overall, a pleasure to work with.

Litigation aside, I also engaged Nick to file my company’s trademark application. Again, he was diligent, informative and straightforward in his approach.

I’d highly recommend Nick, and hope we can work together on many aspects of commercial law as my company grows.

David Mclean Founder at St. Hemp

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