Data Privacy & Security law

Help with the complex and conflicting laws and regulations governing the collection, use, retention and disclosure of information

Harnessing the power of data

Apart from the practical value of data privacy and data protection that makes these assets key to every business, the modern cross-border reality of business means every organisation is exposed to a web of complex and conflicting laws and regulations governing the collection, use, retention, and disclosure of information.

Nicholas Weston works with clients and regulators to understand and respond to the full range of data protection-related issues. 

Nick advises specific sectors, including technology and logistics on the use of personal information and the data lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. Data protection compliance is a function of its business context and requires bespoke structuring for each client. 

Advances in technology and the possibilities of big data are transforming personal data. He combines the opportunities and the risks of these changes with solid commercial and strategic advice informed by client side experience as the executive of a stock exchange listed company. As an innovation based niche firm, he also brings an approach of continuous improvement to his work. This thinking, coupled with a commercial approach provides the gold standard of service to clients across the world. 

Typical areas of advice to clients include

  • Multi-jurisdictional data protection compliance projects
  • International transfers of personal data
  • Online marketing, cookies and profiling
  • Data sharing, including in healthcare
  • Cloud Data and ‘Big Data’
  • Data security breaches
  • Compliance strategies and projects, including data retention obligations
  • Responding to queries and investigations by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
  • Privacy policies, notices and EULAs
  • Employment documentation and internal policies
  • Advice on sensitive personal data including health data and minors
  • FOI issues
  • Dealing with subject access requests
  • Data processing agreements
  • Data Protection aspects of other transactions and litigation
  • Training on data issues

What can we do for you?

Like most M&A lawyers, we offer technical competence in M&A. We combine this with decades of experience on-the-tools, gained working inside and acting for mid-market tech companies (listed, unlisted and owner operated), giving us an ability to anticipate menaces to navigation and guide you through the options on the path to closing, as we have for others, many, many times previously.