IP Litigation

When U.S. or U.K companies decide to litigate in Australia, we have a long history of defending our clients’ interests

Enforcement and Litigation

When U.S. or U.K. technology companies decide to litigate in Australia, many of these companies choose Nicholas Weston. 

As lawyers that operate at the intersection of IP and business, we understand the technology and legal issues, we work well with sophisticated clients, and have a long and successful track record of enforcing trade marks, copyright works and contracts before the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court as well as in misleading and deceptive conduct proceedings and in some of Australia’s most curious commercial cases.

Ongoing monitoring by our firm keeps competitors and brand infringers that seek to create market confusion at a disadvantage.

We advise clients on in the following matters:

What can we do for you?

Like most M&A lawyers, we offer technical competence in M&A. We combine this with decades of experience on-the-tools, gained working inside and acting for mid-market tech companies (listed, unlisted and owner operated), giving us an ability to anticipate menaces to navigation and guide you through the options on the path to closing, as we have for others, many, many times previously.