Litigation Credentials 2021

Litigation is one of the strengths of this firm. With a singular focus on brands and business, I don’t pretend to be a specialist at everything.

With experience as a listed company CEO, investment banker, WIPO domain name dispute panelist and former international athlete, I am frequently reminded that there is no other lawyer out there with my experience, knowledge, approach and reassuring presence.

If the matter is straight-forward, such as a debt or shareholder dispute, rest assured I have acted for (and against) banks and well-known companies since the 1990’s. In more arcane matters, you would be surprised that I have subject matter expertise in cases involving the curious afterlife of old bands (having advised or acted in a number of such disputes), Rabbinical arbitration Beth Din and Din Torah awards (despite not being Jewish myself), oppression, IP infringement and misleading and deceptive conduct cases.

If you are heading towards a dispute or you are unhappy with your current representation, I invite you to contact me on or + 61 3 8616 0379 to discuss whether I might be the right lawyer for your case. And I present my Litigation Credentials 2021 brochure for your viewing pleasure.

About Nicholas Weston IP Lawyers

We understand the digital economy and apply an approach that integrates digital with legal solutions. The integration of practical legal and digital solutions is applied to all cases and projects, whether for a portfolio or a unique case, giving us an ability to anticipate probable outcomes and guide you through the options, as we have for many others, hundreds of times previously.