The Lifecycle of a Business

The convention among law firms is to articulate the work they do around practice areas or industry experience – sometimes both. However, as companies build, grow, change, and sometimes decline, plainly the life cycle of an enterprise is not static.

A start-up disrupting an industry will have entirely different legal issues to a mature business seeking to restructure or from a mature business dealing with an abnormal event or from a company on the threshold of insolvency.

From choosing and setting up a legal structure for your business, to connecting you with potential investors, to cashing out, we are there through the lifecycle of a business.

We help entrepreneurs start and grow the next generation of great companies, we help directors whose companies have fallen on hard times and every one in between. We provide business clients with commercial and legal solutions tailored to the specific need and have guided many clients from start up to successful exit through the stages of the business cycle.

The principal of Nicholas Weston Lawyers is a practical and experienced chairman and chief executive of an ASX listed company with deep legal expertise used to high-stakes, complex, intricate and demanding legal and commercial operational issues, including in China.

The firm has won numerous awards and rankings since it commenced in 2005. Our website is specifically designed to articulate how we can help at each stage of the life cycle of your business.

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About Nicholas Weston IP Lawyers

We understand the digital economy and apply an approach that integrates digital with legal solutions. The integration of practical legal and digital solutions is applied to all cases and projects, whether for a portfolio or a unique case, giving us an ability to anticipate probable outcomes and guide you through the options, as we have for many others, hundreds of times previously.