We advise Australian promoters on the law that impacts the curious afterlife of old bands and tribute acts.

Why should we use Nicholas Weston?

Our experience with promoters of remnant bands and tribute acts means that we have probably seen it before and can provide a prompt and practical solution.

Confidential promoters

We have acted for a number of promoters in matters including negotiating licence agreements and the rights to use certain band names in association with particular members of a remnant band and a number of tribute acts.

Abstract Entertainment

We have acted for promoter Abstract Entertainment in relation to remnant acts including Racey (Some Girls, Lay Your Love On Me), The Rubettes (Sugar Baby Love), Paper Lace (Billy Don’t be a Hero), and tribute acts including The Bootleg Beatles, Elvis to the Max (Max Pellicano), Follow That Dream, and The Ratpack from Vegas.

Metropolis Touring

We advised promoter Metropolis Touring in relation to remnant acts including Boney M, Hot Chocolate and tribute acts including Totally 80’s, LET’S HANG ON – the music from the hit show the Jersey Boys, Fake Festival and Broadway Spectacular.

Rockcity Event Marketing

We acted for central coast promoter Rockcity in a Supreme Court of New South Wales proceeding that agitated issues including a dispute over the goodwill and ownership of two highly successful Queen tribute acts. We obtained an injunction to preserve the profits of a tour taking place in South Africa and that established a monitoring mechanism over performances and profits of the tribute acts. The dispute was also settled on a creative basis that saw the parties continue to do business together.


We acted for Genero, a new music distribution platform, and registered its trade mark in several countries.

We are service focused. Our relationships with our clients are based on trust, transparency, open communication and doing what we say we are going to do.

How do we do it?

The firm’s Principal, Nick Weston, has consistently acted for promoters or remnant bands and tribute acts since forming the firm in 2005. He has also served as the CEO of a publicly listed technology company and understands business from an operational rather than just an advisory point of view.

Nick is passionate about going the extra mile to advise rock promoters on:

  • Acquisition and exploitation of music rights in film, television, theatre and games
  • Agency, talent and crew agreements
  • Brand issues (trade marks, copyright, designs, domain names)
  • Chain of title and rights clearances
  • Commercial litigation
  • Copyright
  • Corporate/business structuring.
  • Corporate structuring and shareholder issues
  • Licensing
  • Live events
  • Management and agency arrangements
  • Merchandising
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Social media and online promotions
  • Sponsorship and endorsements
  • Trade Marks and Domain Names

What can we do for you?

Like most M&A lawyers, we offer technical competence in M&A. We combine this with decades of experience on-the-tools, gained working inside and acting for mid-market tech companies (listed, unlisted and owner operated), giving us an ability to anticipate menaces to navigation and guide you through the options on the path to closing, as we have for others, many, many times previously.