Vale Midge

My blameless colleague, Midge, has died at 15. For many years, he was a welcome and reassuring presence at Nicholas Weston Lawyers. Midge had all the canine virtues that I value in every colleague: loyalty, vigilance, courage, enthusiasm, thrill-of-the-chase.

When I went through a brief period of replying to unsolicited legal awards with the suggestion that Midge, in my office, was a worthy recipient, he was awarded M&A Today Global Awards 2020, IP Lawyer of the Year; Global 100, IP Lawyer of the Year; and was nominated by the Global Law Experts 2020 “internal research team to feature within the 2020 Handbook for Commercial Litigation law in Australia”. Each requested, without success, a modest fee for attendant advertising expenses.

He was also a bon vivant with meticulous vigilance to the presence, or possible presence, of chicken. Staff, clients, delivery persons and visitors to my office were carefully checked for signs of cuisine and the scent of other dogs. Anyone who said the word “chicken” was looked at with astonishment, then followed for the next ten minutes.

His commitment to my personal security was legendary. Although mini-poodles are not renowned for their fighting qualities, Midge was happy to take on dogs of any breed or size, barking in their bewildered faces to be dispatched with his characteristic ‘send-off’. Only a Great Dane made him fall silent one time, but then I think he thought it was a pony.

While his drafting skills – and, in fairness, his personal hygiene standards – remained works in progress, his leg-hugs were a marvel to receive and behold. Leg-hugs improve any professional workplace. Until the creep of advancing years betrayed him, he could also stand on his back legs to inspect the contents of any desk or dining table, a valuable professional skill for a dog.

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